Let the Truth Talk

Episode #2 - Everyday Consent for Children & Youth

May 07, 2021 Bow Valley Harmony Project Season 1 Episode 2
Let the Truth Talk
Episode #2 - Everyday Consent for Children & Youth
Show Notes

On today's episode of Let the Truth Talk, Tara & Tandia are speaking with Megan Jenniex who is a Success Coach with Right From The Start.   Our conversation goes though the importance of having early conversations with your kids about consent and boundaries.  We touch on why we should teach proper body anatomy, the power of giving kids choices and tips for parents/guardians who want to start these conversations. 
For more information about Right from the Start check out https://www.crps.ca/Right%20from%20the%20Start.php 


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The Harmony Project’s diverse stakeholders through expertise and experience are working together to end sexualized violence in the Bow Valley.  The Harmony Project is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services on behalf of the Government of Alberta.

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