Let the Truth Talk

Episode #5 - Everyday Consent in Vulnerable Populations

May 28, 2021 Bow Valley Harmony Project Season 1 Episode 5
Let the Truth Talk
Episode #5 - Everyday Consent in Vulnerable Populations
Show Notes

In today's episode we have conversations with 4 guests who represent different vulnerable populations in our community.  Within our definition of vulnerable populations, we are including seniors, BIPOC, newcomers & immigrants, LGBTQ+ and individuals with disabilities.  The reason we chose to do an episode on vulnerable populations was that we know these demographics experience higher rates of violence.  We wanted to explore how our we as a community can come together and practice everyday consent while learning about the unique needs of each vulnerable group. 

Our conversation with Jessia Arsenio brought up the topic of why newcomers or those working in the hospitality sector may be vulnerable based on their circumstances. We talk with River Lachland who helps facilitate a group called Queers and Allies based out of Lake Louise.  Ria-Mae speaks about the importance of consent within the spiritual and indigenous community.    We also had a conversation with Brenda Sutherland who is the Senior & Geriatric Mental Health advisor with AHS and we talked about how we can practice consent with our senior population.  

For more information or to get in touch with our guests please see their contact information below  

 Jessia Arsenio:  


@jessiaarsenio on Instagram 

River Lachland: 

https://www.lakelouiselife.ca to sign up for Queers and Allies meet-ups 

@riverlachlan on Instagram 

Ria-Mae Long: 




Brenda Sutherland :

AHS Bow Valley Addiction & Mental Health – 403-678-4696  


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